About Vinod

Rev. Vinod Rasaily is the Pastor & Founder of Word of Life Ministry.

Coming from a hindu background, Vinod received the Lord Jesus in the year 1992. Following his experience with Jesus, He received a clear call from God for Ministry in the year January, 1995; that very year God anointed him powerfully with Holy Spirit.

Responding to God’s call, he served with World Vision, nearly two decades; but after having a strong conviction for the ministry of the Word, he moved into Pastoral ministry to preach the Word and to prepare the body of Christ for the soon returning Christ.

He has been engaged in training Pastors, Lay-leaders, Mission workers, in mission training and holistic development. He is a teacher, trainer, counselor and a mentor. He has done Masters in Management & Sociology. He is an ardent believer of the Word and the serving Pastor at Word of Life Church, Guwahati.