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Word of Life Church is an independent, Christ-Centered, Non-Denominational Church. We are committed to raise up a generation of Christians who are Passionate about God, Dynamic in their Faith and Practical in the Life style, through intensive biblical teaching in a clear and practical way. It’s a place where people discover their God-given callings and learn to walk with God.


“equip the body of Christ to bring hope, healing & transformation in every nation through the transforming gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ”


“our mission is to teach & preach God’s Word of truth to every nation and become a dynamic witness of Christ Jesus our Lord”


  • WE are disciples of Christ
  • WE are God’s word centric
  • WE preach hope
  • WE are available

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Why did Jesus compare God’s Word with seeds. Learn the he seed principle

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Was manna just for food? learn the secret behind the giving of manna in the wilderness..

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god’s work

What blessings can we glean from God’s accomplished works?

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