– the work of cross –

“God had finished the work he had been doing;
so on the seventh day he rested from all his work..”


Did you ever initiate a project, small or big, but later you kept postponing it for the future, and finally you abandoned it completely? Perhaps you were not sure whether you should have taken up that project in the first place, or it’s possible that you could’t retain the zeal with which you had initially started-off. I have had this experience many times. As humans, this is our common problem, we like to procrastinate; probably underlying reason could be an issue with our passion, time, skill or simply laziness, which we often don’t like to admit.

Howbeit, this is not true of God. The bible bears a great testimony about God– “God had FINISHED the work He had been doing…”–Genesis 2:2

The God whom we serve is known for starting a task and then bringing the task to completion. God doesn’t procrastinate His work like most of us. He doesn’t leave the work undone or half-done. He never lacks the zeal nor the skill to get the job done. He knows His priorities well. This is the very character of God: He gets the job done, on time! –Hallelujah!!

This is the work of God: He created man in His own image. And this is the work of man: He chose to sin against God. Beginning from the first man Adam, “…all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.”Rom 3:23. Sin marred that glorious image in which man was created. Sin broke the relationship and the fellowship that man once enjoyed with God. Sin broke our life, shattered our world and destined us to eternal damnation. Sin brings nothing, but misery.

To resolve this predicament, Jesus came into our world. His work was to fix the problem of sin. He was given the task to become a sin, that we might become the righteousness of God. His assignment was to bear the pain of separation from God that we might be reconciled to God. And most of all, to pour out His own life upon the cross, that we might live forever. Nothing deterred Him from completing His work. When Jesus had paid for our sin on the cross, He said, “It is finished!”John 19:30.

Friends, Jesus got the job done. The task wasn’t easy but He neither procrastinated nor abandoned the job. The cross of Jesus Christ is not only job well-done, but it is also the job fully-done. We don’t need to do anything else to receive God’s greatest blessing–righteousness of God. Man readily becomes a slave of religion whole of his life to earn God’s righteousness, thinking, his good works can earn righteousness. The righteousness is a gift of God unto you who believe in Jesus Christ.

The Cross of Jesus Christ is not only job well-done but it is also the job fully-done.

The end of God’s work marks the beginning of a celebration. The work of cross needs to be celebrated–everyday. It is through the cross, we have hope of eternal life. We can live in hope of glory in the midst our sufferings. We are given with hope of new beginning every-time our work fails before God. Power of sin is destroyed and the enemy is disarmed. God has done everything we need to rejoice and be victorious everyday. Please invite Jesus to come into your heart today and let Him fill your heart with the joy of His salvation. Let’s celebrate God’s work! Amen



Dear father God, we thank you for the finished work of the cross–the work well-done, the work fully-done. We choose to celebrate your work on the cross. Your sacrifice gives me the reason to hope and live. Amen