seed principle

“Now this is the parable: the seed is the word of God”

LUKE 8:11

God desires that our life be like a fruitful vine and that our fruit remain. This brings great joy and glory to God.

Scripture is explicit when God blessed Man, saying, “be fruitful and multiply…” Gen 1:28. This blessing encompasses every aspect of human existence. Therefore, fruit bearing is not an option, it’s the mandate for our life.

John the baptist, whose ministry was to “…make straight paths for Him”, preached a straight message, “The ax is already at the root of the trees, and every tree that does not produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire.—Matt 3:10. Good fruit is binding on us and the consequences thereof cannot be denied.

‘The parable of sower’ uncovers the secret to a fruit bearing and prosperous life. We learn, when God’s Word is received with spiritual understanding, it results in fruitfulness and prosperity: hundred, sixty and thirty folds. —Mat 13:23. So, “the seed principle” teaches, “‘the seed is God’s Word’ and God’s Word is the secret, the key to fruitful life; it contains everything in it, to enable us to fulfill the mandate of bearing fruit.”

What devil has to do in this parable? Why is he there and what is he doing? Does the devil understand “the seed principle” better than most Christians do? Isn’t he there to ‘snatch away’ the Word? The devil knows, there can be no fruit without a seed. The enemy knows how to keep people in bondage and make people unfruitful. If the devil can keep us from the Word, he can keep us from fruitfulness. Let’s realize our insufficiency and the all-sufficiency of God’s Word to live-out God’s purpose.

These short devotionals are intended to uncover these biblical truth to help people find their freedom and to help Kingdom people to live out God’s destiny for their lives, that is, to live fruitful and prosperous life. We are praying and believing that God will speak to your very heart and uncover the truths that you need to know today.

God Bless You!

Rev. Vinod Rasaily

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