the power of cross

“For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us who are saved it is the power of God..”

We can never plumb the depths of sin, or sense how terrible human sin is, until we go to the cross and see that it was “sin” that caused the Son of God to be crucified. It was sin that made God’s Son to become sin, that we might become the righteousness of Him. The ravages of war, the tragedy of suicides, the agony of the poverty-stricken, the pain and suffering of the rejected of our society, the blood of the accident victim, the terror of rape and mugging victims of our generation—these all speak as with a single voice of the degradation that besets the human race at this hour. But no sin has been committed in the world today that can compare with the full cup of the universe’s sin that brought Jesus to the cross. The question hurled toward heaven throughout the ages has been, “Who is He and why does He die?” The answer comes back, “This is my only begotten Son, dying not only for your sins but for the sins of the whole world.” To you sin may be a small thing; to God it is a great and awful thing. It is the second largest thing in the world; only the love of God is greater.

When we comprehend the great price God was willing to pay for the redemption of man, we then begin to see that something is horribly wrong with the human race. It must have a Savior, or it is doomed! Sin cost God His very best. Is it any wonder that the angels veiled their faces, that they were silent in their dismay as they witnessed the outworking of God’s plan? How inconceivable it must have seemed to them, when they considered the fearful depravity of sin, that Jesus should shoulder it all. But they were soon to unveil their faces and offer their praises again. A light was kindled that day at Calvary. The cross blazed with the glory of God as the most terrible darkness was shattered by the light of salvation. Satan’s depraved legions were defeated, and they could no longer keep all men in darkness and defeat.

O’ LORD, forgive me for my wretched sins that separate me from You. Take away my desire for sinful things, and purify my heart as a home for You and Your Spirit. Sweep my soul clean, Lord, and put my life in order so that Jesus feels welcome to live with me. In His name. Amen.