power on from high

“..tarry in the city of Jerusalem until you are endued with power from on high.”

Jesus commissioned His disciples to go into the whole world.

Immediately after commissioning, He commanded them to wait in Jerusalem. The commission needed an empowerment from high, because the commission was from high. Our Lord wants us understand, divine assignments needs divine power and not human power for it’s accomplishment. Some of us have foolishly tried in our own strength, only to fail and blame God. He doesn’t want us to do that; and if we still insist, then we will be on our own!

Jesus commanded them to ‘wait’ before they ‘go’. We learn the principle—“waiting precedes going” He who waits upon the Lord, renews the strength and He who fails, goes without the strength. If we go out to seek for the lost without God’s power, the chances are that we ourselves will be lost, because without divine enabling, we are clueless.

We need to realize that the task at hand is highly spiritual, that without wrestling with the dark angels, we can’t win an inch of the lost territory. Apart from the anointing of God, all carnal wisdom and human ability is sure to fail. It would be utter foolishness to assume that the heaven’s commission would wait upon human wisdom and strength for it’s accomplishment. The assignment belongs to God, therefore, the power also must belong to God.

So, let’s hunger for the the power of God. God’s power comes by waiting in God’s presence; and daily empowerment needs daily practicing His presence. Moses knew this principle so well, which is why Moses was unwilling to move an inch ahead without the presence of God; and he would not budge unless God agreed. (Exodus 33:15).

People who practice the presence of God , they understand—the utility of God’s power and futility of human strength.

May we be reminded this day, that God doesn’t need a favor from us; instead, He wants to do us a favour. He wants to empower us. Let’s allow Him to empower us please?

Pastor Vinod Rasaily


Dear father God, we ask you to help us to understand the futility of human power and strength. Help us to be strong in the power of your might that we may be able to accomplish what we have been commissioned to do. Amen