more than bread

“Who is wise and understanding among you? By his good conduct let him show his works in the meekness of wisdom.

We saw that as God led Israel to the promised land, He wanted to teach them “the survival technique – Man shall not live by bread alone…” So to teach them, He first caused or allowed them to hunger. God was testing them, whether they would rebel or were committed to obedience even in the midst of the crisis. We don’t realize saints, but we too are under the test every moment; most of the time in little-little things. The season of testing is the best time for self-reflection. “Though Jesus was a Son, yet He learnt obedience through the things He suffered.” (Heb 5:8). How about us? Obedience is the greatest virtue that we can learn during the time of testing.

God already had a plan when He allowed Israel to hunger. God has a plan behind your problem too. God was about to surprise Israel with the bread from heaven, which they nor their forefathers knew. (Deut 8:3). Which meant, even Abraham, Issac and Jacob had never experienced what God was about to do with Israel. Amazing, isn’t it? God was about to pour down ‘manna’, which had never happened in the history of planet earth.

The word ‘manna’ means: “What is it”? The word ‘manna’ is a question and not an answer. They were awestruck! Dumpfounded! They questioned because they had never seen, heard or were ever taught to them by their forefathers. The great patriarchs had never experienced it. The word ‘manna’ itself is enough to help us understand that there are times when God does things which are mind boggling and can’t be explained with mere human words. Can’t God give you the ‘manna’ – what is it…experience, today? Well, He is able and much more than able; “He is able to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine…” (Eph 3:20). We know the power of our imagination, it almost seems limitless. But God is able to do even much more than we can possibly imagine. Can you imagine what your mind can’t even imagine? Don’t limit God today, He power is above and beyond your ability to imagine. Hallelujah!!

Sadly, like Israel we often fail to understand that God is always good. We fail to understand that even behind our momentary hardships, God has a purpose. We struggle to trust God through those moments. But if we could muster a bit of patience to trust His goodness and wait upon Him, then we can surely experience God’s saving power. Salvation belongs to the Lord. Amen

“God finished His work.. and God rested on the seventh day from all His work.”

God's Word is the standard for our life, a powerful reference point to assess ourselves. Let’s try a quick self-assessment whether we are really living by Heavenly Wisdom or Earthly Wisdom. God’s Wisdom are as follows:

1. Pure: The opposite of purity here is carnality. Are we living a diluted and sinful life

2. Peaceable: Do we have peace governing our every action or are we always bitter, criticizing & fighting?

3. Gentle: Are we kind & patient towards other or quickly resort to action in our words, thoughts and action?

4. Willing to yield: Are we submissive and not arrogant; willing to obey, especially in things that are true.

5. Full of Mercy and Good Fruits: Are we quick to penalize people of their wrongs? Are we nice to them in-spite of their mistakes?

6. Without Partiality: Are we biased and do we play favorites, especially at the cost of others?

7. Without Hypocrisy: Are we good actors in pretending? Are our smile, appreciation, affirmation sincere and honest?

If we are daily living out these seven qualities, we are truly wise.

Prayer: God our Heavenly Father please help us to live by this wisdom everyday. In Jesus name. Amen

Pastor Vinod


Dear father God, God our Heavenly Father please help us to live by this wisdom everyday. In Jesus name. Amen