seed principle

“..the seed is the word of God.” Luke 8:11

Jesus compared the Word of God with a seed, primarily because the operating principle between the two is parallel.

As much as there is life in the Seed, there is life in God’s Word too. In the parable of the Sower we learn, God’s plan for our productive life is contained in His Word; and satan actively involves in the process because he understands the ‘seed principle’.

As the DNA of the seed contains the plans and instructions that include its leaves, stems, roots and fruits. So does the Word: it contains the plans and instructions for our spiritual, mental and physical well-being and productivity, and most of all it contains the divine instructions to conform us into His own image.

So, the seed principle is about Hearing the word, learning how to move into the dimension of Understanding and then Applying those truths to live a fruitful and a productive life.

All our devotionals are based on this principle to help our readers grow in the understanding of God’s Word and to live the kind of life God has planned for them.

Pastor Vinod Rasaily